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I'm a girl who loves anime, manga, games, japan and all the kawaii stuff :3 Im'm from poland by the way :D

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snake moves xd
Nghhh <3 So cute *^*

Nalu week : Vulnerable

So we are lost, mmh?!

sorry for the long wait but, here my first participation for the nalu week! ^^
I did edo Gruvia for their week, so why not Nalu? :D
btw, he only dates bad gurls ;)
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Q: I did survive! >.< But ohh god it was painful I must say! :< -sobs- How can you enjoy something like that?

Thanks god! Oh… Sorry :< But I bet u okey now, aren’t you? :3

I don’t know… Maybe this is cuz i like my denstist xD She was my “aunt”… but now when i moved I don’t rally care. i don’t have many probems with my teeth. i just hate ortodontist -,-

asked by miggul