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I'm a girl who loves anime, manga, games, japan and all the kawaii stuff :3 ( All the arts, gif etc. are not mine, I didn't make it. besides the one that have me as an artist in the description ). Thank you guys for following me <3

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女 you’re the best

❀ nice theme

■ i don’t like you

♣ can we be friends?

▲ i hate your blog

♥ i love your blog

◊ marry me?

© nice tumblr

☆ i like you

♫ check out my blog?

❥ nice name

☂ you’re original

Φ i want to have sex with you

ӿ you’re sexy

☯ nice posts 

☪ i’m your fan

₪ i’m too shy to write to you

≈ you’re my inspiration

✪ you’re my princess

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Only 6 more days to second season *Q*
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Q: I died and went to anime heaven. Your blog is so freaking adorbs. I just followed. Hope you can do the same. :)

AWQYD >///< Omg, thaaaaaanks *really big hug* I needed something like this right now <3 I don’t get why people can be that nice. And I’m following you back honey <3 

asked by misaki-chan231
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