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I'm a girl who loves anime, manga, games, japan and all the kawaii stuff :3 Im'm from poland by the way :D

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every day after school

"hey honey how was school today?"
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Q: I like your blog! So pretty ;D Keep it up! Hope you have doing well~ Take care and ciaosu~


People are sooo nice too me <3

Thank you very much human! Love ya ^^

asked by william-andrew
Awww &lt;3 Shiro is so cute ^^
? xD
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Q: Hey, I just tagged you in a question answer thing, so feel free to join in on the fun! Just check your tag, I'm hoping that it'll show up. (I have no idea how to use this website...)


I dont know how it works either sooo xD

I don’t know where to check it ;__;

Sorry D;

asked by weird-life-of-a-closet-fangirl
Q: You have such a lovely blog <3

Awww >///< 

So nice >3<

Thank U ^^ I think that your blog is lovely too :D

asked by kawaiiyuki-chan