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I'm a girl who loves anime, manga, games, japan and all the kawaii stuff :3 ( All the arts, gif etc. are not mine, I didn't make it. besides the one that have me as an artist in the description ). Thank you guys for following me <3

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Q: I died and went to anime heaven. Your blog is so freaking adorbs. I just followed. Hope you can do the same. :)

AWQYD >///< Omg, thaaaaaanks *really big hug* I needed something like this right now <3 I don’t get why people can be that nice. And I’m following you back honey <3 

asked by misaki-chan231
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As I can see&#8230; ZNT destroyed us all :&#8217;)
*trying not to cry every time she see something from this anime*
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Q: Why are you so pretty???????

Meeee? hahahhaha >3<

How can you know it if u didn’t see me honey :P But thank you very much :) I think that you are really beautifull ( i know that i didn’t see you too but everyone is pretty on their own way ) inside and outside <3

I love so nice people like you… So have a nice day little angle :**

asked by boxersanarchy
Q: Which do you prefer anime or manga?

It’s a hard question… I love both of them so much, hehe ^^ I think that i can’t tell. I would choose manga becouse it’s really beautifull and magic, but anime can take me to another world as well and it made me cry so many times. I’m also wanto be a anime director… but being mangaka is as cool as that… I DON’T KNOW MAN ;-; 

asked by stargazingmax